Process Discovery using Python

Reference: PADS website


Process Mining is a growing branch of Data Science that focuses on analyzing event data recorded in Information Systems, focusing on the process perspective. Investments in Process Mining from public and private companies are steadily increasing, and are expected to more than double in the next five years. Hence a good knowledge of Process Mining is an important skill for Data Scientists.

Process discovery is the initial and one of the most challenging process mining tasks. Based on an event log, a process model is constructed thus capturing the behavior seen in the log. This Software lab course is designed to enable students to get their hands on the discovery process. The course assignments include the implementation of the algorithms either to discover or enable in discovering the process. Process Discovery involves the core discovery algorithms and their visualizations.

This Software Lab course includes tutorials on Software development Life Cycle, common practices in the industry, and also related to Process Discovery. It is expected that the students will follow the Software engineering principles during the course term for achieving the milestones of each assignment. The course will use Python as the core language for implementation.

Gyunam Park
Gyunam Park
Researcher/Ph.D. Candidate